Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paris (week 2)

Here I am in Paris, almost at the end of my second week.
I came here with a two week contract working as an English tutor from 9am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday at IPSA.

I've been given mixed reviews about finding jobs and apartments in Paris. I have also come up against bad-timing in wanting to live here before so I wasn't eager to make any official plans. I came here thinking 'okay, I'll look for a job, I'll look for an apartment. If Paris wants me it'll be easy and I'll stay'. If it didn't work out or if I felt more hate then love in my relationship with Paris I would move on to housesitting, run back to the mountains or figure out something else.
I do like Paris and it seems I'm more on the love side of our relationship at present. Even though I am a tourist myself I prefer where there aren't very many tourists in the city as it feels quite peaceful and beautiful right now.

On the apartment I lucked out. I made a friend at my job who was eager to have me as a roommate. No line-ups or Parisian apartment craze for me. I actually have more then ten square meters (a common size here), a full kitchen, a bath, in a nice safe area on the end of line one (the louvre line). I move in on Sunday. With one large and one small backpack it should be the easiest move I've ever had.

For the job I'll be tutoring a few days at a beautiful Parisian apartment in the 16th, the nicest area of Paris. I'm also waiting on a fun job at an English pub that I'm very eager to work for. Which could start as early as next week. If I don't like that I've also met with tutoring recruiting agencies and have some other leeds on jobs as well. Now that they've changed the standard of beginning English at age three opposed to eleven the demand for 'English Mother Tongue' teachers has exponentially increased.

Now for some fun details...
I ate awesome veg ravioli in a creamy mushroom sauce at a restaurant that's become so popular its expanded itself to another building across the street and another up the street. So when one is full you go next door. I dream about it sometimes so i'm going to try to make it in my own kitchen when I move.
I got taken to a wine bar called Wine by One. I didn't bring my camera so I was hoping there would be cool pics on their website. Here's the skinny, the walls are covered with display cases holding eight bottles each. You put your prepaid card in a display and 'flip' through a computer screen detailing each wine in the case. Standing in front of the wine you want push a button and it automatically disperses how much you've requested; a taste, half glass, full glass. It doubles as a wine store so you can taste a bunch and then leave with a bottle if you like. Starts at 1€ and goes up depending on the wine. Next time I go I want to try all their champagnes and I'll bring a camera.

So, I'm safe, all is well and it looks like I'll be in Paris for at least a bit... and I by a bit I mean possibly six months... you know, if Paris and I keep getting along.

Ps. My absolute favourite Paris Metro map can be found here

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