Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi from Paris

I'm getting ready for bed on my third night here in Paris. I flew in from Malaga for less then $150 on Sunday afternoon and was greeted by the two lovely friends I met here in September. (Who are both willing to host me during my two week contract!) I landed having a two week job confirmed that started Monday. I was so nervous my alarm might not go off that I hardly slept. Even though I left crazy early in order to get to work I got very lost and was the last to arrive. (I got lost again today but still arrived with ten minutes to spare) I'm teaching at Ipsa in a special English immersion "pool" they do bi-annually. I have 7 to 8 students and everything is so organized I just have to follow a schedule all day long. The kids and other teachers are all great and nice so far but someone walked off with my notes and popular science magazine at the end of todays class... Hope that mystery gets solved tomorrow.

I have job interviews and coffee dates set up for the week. I'm not wasting any time in Paris. I really love this city right now, even though I walk up a million stairs and get myself lost around each corner.

As of today I'm not sure if I'll just enjoy the two weeks and move onto something else or stay here and let this be my city for a few months.

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