Monday, August 20, 2012

Figures and the Teatre Museu Dali

The Dali Theatre-Museum is the largest surrealistic object in the world. I loved exploring the different floors, each more disjointed then the last. It's inspiring to be surrounded by art that seems to hold no inhibition. I've been wanting to visit this Museum every time I've visited Spain and it lived up to the expectation. Although, what can you really expect from a building that is half a pink castle with eggs on top?

This was my favorite excerpt from the guide map:
"A Warning! If we take into account the idiosyncrasy of Salvador Dali... then perhaps we we recommend you not to follow the preconceived route... It does not have, not does it wish to have, any systematic function nor chronological sense."
Here's a short clip showing some of the jumble that the museum holds:

My favorite section was a room playing with reflection. Paintings seemed a blur until looked at in the reflective sphere placed on top of a painting, forming a perfect image that wrapped itself around a 3D surface.  If you want to see Dali's more then just weeping clocks art, stop in. If you're in Spain near Barcelona, its a quick day trip by train (see Renfe approx. 10-15€ each way). See where this place is on a map. I'm sure you'll be highly entertained by this ostentatious expression of art.

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