Saturday, August 18, 2012

My view today

The view from here is ever clear
the sky and clouds abound
a looking glass makes the bay surface
to mirror water's other form
my heart gets torn to choose the best
the reflecting or reflected
my eyes cannot hide, there's no way to decide
all nature is beauty perfected

Rejecting the form, no room for social norm
in open sea and vast land
the tree's grow wild, my mind beguiled
stray feathers find my hand
Each day that I wake, a dream I forsake
to live in a natural way
No one to impress, no one to caress
a very small price to pay

As green grows lush, home holds no rush
my feet feel best on the ground
The open air dismisses my care
no shoes or city to bound
The jungle calls, rain pounds and falls
commotion becomes peace
the terrace I walk, to birds I talk
I feel a great release

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