Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy 4 YEAR anniversary!

In 2008 I was asked what my plans were for the summer and quickly launched into a confusing list of European cities. My aunt Al asked,   
"How are we going to keep tabs on you?" 
That's where my blog name "Keep Tabs On Sam" comes from. It started as a way to keep my family informed as to what I was up to. As the years progressed and I wasn't traveling all the time but liked updating the blog. The tag line transformed: This is a collection of things I make & links I like & places I go...

It's hard to believe this blog has outlasted any partnership and that today marks the four year anniversary of my first post.  I remember the horrible lime green and navy squares I thought looked just great. I sent the invite email out to a few friends and to any family that was computer savvy.  I was most excited to have my grandparents as readers and left a piece of paper beside their computer detailing the steps on how to access my blog.

I had a 'Bon Voyage' Party before I left on my first big trip. I love an excuse to see friends, play pool and embarrass myself at karaoke, what better reason than a send off from people I wasn't going to see all summer? One of my better ideas was bringing my brand new travel journal to the party. I got all attendees to write in the pages, then passed it along to family members to write in too. It was a great compilation of things to read on the plane and whenever I missed my friends and couldn't just pick up the phone. One special guy even wrote me a song that I still listen to.

One of the harder points of traveling is that there's always someone you're saying goodbye to. Friendships can dissolve from no longer being available to socialize. Other friendships get stronger and can be picked up no matter how much time has passed. I just did the math and today marks 313 days of continuous travel. My best friends don't seem to be too phased, I think I've been preparing them for years that travel is a part of my life. It was amazing when each of them made a full day to see me when I came to Surprise Toronto! The visit. The first time I was just landing for a visit in my own hometown.

The people I've met and relationships I've made abroad have been invaluable. The inspiring men and women that have come into my life makes traveling insatiably rewarding. Young, old, novices, experts each making their own way and following their passion at every different stage from so many walks of life. To be exposed to that constantly makes traveling as a way of life a reality. Some relationships don't last longer than the city you're in but some become pen pals and reason's to return or connections for a new destination. I think every traveler soon learns the best souvenirs are the stories we walk away with, the moments that are captured with photos or a journal entry, and way more experiences than a check list of destinations could have ever prepared us for.

I think the person I was four years ago would be jumping for joy knowing that this is where I've made it to. Turning a concept that was mind-bogglingly outrageous, being able to support myself while traveling, and turning it into a reality... I'm still mystified when I wake up each morning. But I know one thing, I'm hell-a-excited to wake up each morning now. Happy 4 year anniversary blog. Everyone that's supported me, kept on reading, sending me emails and comments:

Thank You
If you ever have any questions or comments I love hearing from you! 
Hope you're having a great day, 
xo Samantha

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  1. Keep it up Sammy! I look forward to reading your posts.
    Love C. Alex